Hisense 536Lt Side by Side Water Dispenser Refrigeration - H750FSB-IDS

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Product description

Big Screen Refrigerator

Stay connected and entertained with the screen-sharing feature. This innovative feature allows you to mirror your phone screen onto the refrigerator's large touch screen, check your messages or watch content without missing out on important moments. With the screen-sharing feature, you can stay connected and entertained while cooking and keep up with what's happening during the big game.


Message Board

Stay connected to your family with the message board feature. This innovative feature allows you to leave reminders, post messages, and even draw pictures for your family. With the message board, you can ensure that reminders get seen by everyone and turn the refrigerator into the central hub for communication. Share your thoughts, ideas, and creativity with your family, and stay organized with the message board feature.


Analyse Door Opening Times

Save energy by understanding your usage habits. You can easily manage the temperature and settings of your refrigerator and better organize your food, ensuring it lasts longer. Stay in control and make sure that the door is closed when it needs to be.


Keep a shopping list.

Never forget what you need to buy. The convenient shopping list feature allows you to create and update a shopping list directly from the refrigerator's touch screen. Send the list to your connected smartphone. Easily organize and store your food and save time and money by not buying unnecessary items. Always know what you need to buy before going to the store.


Next Level Meal Planning

Plan your meals like a pro with the Hisense PureFlat Smart Series Refrigerator's impressive recipes feature. Quickly generate meal plans and take the hassle out of deciding what to cook for the week. The large touchscreen makes it easy to browse recipes and reduces the stress when you're out of dinner ideas. Reduce stress and save time with the impressive recipes feature.


Antibacterial Guard

The Anti Bacteria Guard prevents fungi and bacteria growth and eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria, which keeps your food fresher for longer. The Anti Bacteria Guard ensures that food is safe and hygienic and reduces the risk of foodborne illness.


  • Finish: Black Stainless steel
  • Net capacity:536L(345/191)
  • A+ energy efficiency class, frost free.
  • Plumbing Required Auto Water & Ice Dispenser
  • Touch LED touch control &
  • Triple cooling, separated cooling zone, separated smell
  • Smart connectivity with ConnetLifie App
  • Antibacterial Dark Interior Liner. Eliminates up to 99,999% of bacteria.
  • Keeping your food fresh and healthy
  • Metal cooling ,maintains temperature consistent in the fridge.
  • Triple zone-one, three separated temperature compartments, adjusting temperature according different needs.
  • My fresh choice zone keep food longer in three modes: 5°C( Fridge), 0°C( Chill), -18 °C (Freezer)
  • Metal Slide Drawers, easy in and out.
  • LED light, last longer, energy saving.
  • Dimensions(W*D*H, mm): 968*778*1901